Épidémie de Corona Virus

À ce stade, les dates du tournoi sont maintenues comme prévu entre le 3 et le 7 juin prochain. Bien évidemment, nous suivons avec la PSA l’évolution de la situation à Maurice et dans le monde et une décision définitive sera prise et communiquée en temps voulu.
Nous espérons toujours pouvoir vous recevoir à Maurice.

Directeur du tournoi

Join the move!

Since 2017, the Mauritius Necker Pro Squash has grown into a reference in the international Squash world, hosting some of the best players in the world.

From a mixed exhibition format, it has become the Necker Mauritius Open presented by Beachcomber, a men’s PSA Gold tournament with a $100,000 endowment, which makes it one of the largest in the world squash tournament.

Pro players

This year, the tournament will take place from June 3rd to 7th 2020 at the Cote d’Or Multisports Complex, located at Motorway M3, Cote D’Or, St Pierre. The sports complex was inaugurated during the summer of 2019 to host the Indian Ocean Island Games

Squash TV will be present with a team of technicians and commentators in order to live broadcast all matches. Local and regional media and international journalists will also be present.

In line with the tournament, the RM Club Squash Open, a free leisure tournament open to all, will take place as from Saturday, May 30th. Players from Reunion Island, Madagascar, France and of course Mauritius have already expressed their interest in participating.

There will also be a Women’s Squash Challenge with 4 players from the international circuit who will compete against each other to raise money for charity. The Mauritian culture will also be highlighted during this squash week.


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    Saturday 30 May

    RM Club Mauritius Squash Open - Day 1 (free)

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    Sunday 31 May 2020

    RM Club Mauritius Squash Open - Day 2 (free)

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    Monday 1 June 2020

    RM Club Mauritius Squash Open - Day 3 (free)

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    Wednesday 3 June 2020

    Necker Mauritius Open - Day 1 - 8 matches

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    Thursday 4 June 2020

    Necker Mauritius Open - Day 2 - 8 matches

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    Friday 5 June 2020

    Necker Mauritius Open - Day 3 - 4 matches: 1/4 finals

    RM Club Mauritius Squash Open - Final

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    Saturday 6 June 2020

    Necker Mauritius Open - Day 4 - 2 matches: 1/2 finals

    Women’s Challenge - 2 matches (Best of 3) 

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    Sunday 7 June 2020

    Necker Mauritius Open - Day 5 - 1 match: Final

    Women’s Challenge - Final + 3rd & 4th place


Mauricia Beachcomber Resort & Spa

We are very proud to collaborate with the Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels group, our Major Partner, who will welcome all the players and support teams at the Mauricia Beachcomber Resort & Spa, its Resort in Grand Bay. The hotel is located 30 minutes by car from the Sports Complex. The Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels group offers special prices to accommodate those who would like to watch the tournament, enjoy the beach, visit the island and live a unique experience with the players by being in the same hotel. An opening dinner cocktail, tournament souvenir gifts, hotel/tournament shuttles are planned as well in order to enjoy the tournament in the best conditions.



Various ticket packages are offered: daily pass, full tournament pack, residents’ prices, as well as a VIP Pack which includes a welcome evening, dinner cocktail and presentation to players, personalized tournament gifts, VIP privilege seating access and access to the VIP/players’ lounge.


DAILY PASS 500 - 1,200 Rs

Access to all matches for one day

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FULL TOURNAMENT 3,700 - 5,000 Rs

Access to all tournament matches 

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Privileged  treat *
Full access to all matches

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* VIP PACKAGE: welcome evening, dinner cocktail and presentation to players, personalized tournament gifts, VIP privileged seats, access to the VIP/players’ lounge, transfer hotel/court (only available for guests staying at the Mauricia Beachcomber Resort & Spa)

How to get there

Cote d’Or Multisports Complex

Motorway M3, Cote D’Or, St Pierre, Mauritius

Tickets & Program Details